About Cocoon

Cocoon is THE innovative range of extra-white 100% recycled papers, FSC® Recycled certified, “Inspired by Green Technology”.

White, recycled,
and so much more

As European market leader for recycled paper, Arjowiggins Graphic is commited to producing cutting-edge sustainable coated and uncoated recycled papers, which provide consistent high quality and excellent performance.

In 2009, Arjowiggins Graphic reinforced its leading position by launching Cocoon, the first 100% recycled extra white paper for graphic applications.

The Cocoon range is 100% recycled, FSC® Recycled and European Ecolabel certified with an extra white shade and an exceptional surface finish for remarkable printing results.

Cocoon is now also available with 60% recycled fibres,
in a Silk and Gloss finish.

100% White, 100% Innovative

Cocoon papers offer exceptional levels of whiteness and are unique to the market due to the highly innovative chlorine free process used at our Greenfield recycling plant.

The Greenfield de-inking plant rigorously selects the waste paper it re-uses, focusing exclusively on very high-quality papers:

  • office,
  • archival,
  • and other papers with a low ink coverage.

Thus ensuring that the recycled pulp produced is of a very high quality and extremely white.

The high whiteness is also the result of the innovative concepts involved in the recycling and whitening processes used at Greenfield. The recycled pulp undergoes 3 separate cleaning loops specially designed to effectively de-ink the paper without the use of chlorine.

100% recycled

Inspired by Green Technology, the Cocoon range preserves the environment, turns office waste paper into premium quality bright white recycled paper using a unique and innovative environmental process:

  • 100 % Recycled, 100 % White, FSC® Recycled and EU Ecolabel certified
  • Made from 100% genuine, recovered waste paper,
  • Cocoon production requires around 1.5 times less energy and 2.5 times less water than a paper made with virgin pulp
  • It reduces CO₂ emissions by 23% compared to virgin fibre papers
  • Avoids paper being sent to landfill and releasing methane gas , which is 23 times more harmful to the environment than CO₂ (source: Waste and Resources Action Program)

Did you know ?

By producing Cocoon recycled papers since 2015 rather than virgin fibre papers, we’ve saved 153,880,640 kg of wood, 94,709,228 kg of landfill, 3,002,508,054 litres of water, 183,010,461 kwh of energy, 13,315,001 kg of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

Arjowiggins Le Bourray

Conformity to the most rigorous certification standards

EU Ecolabel
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001
ISO 50001

Guaranteed for digital printing

hp-indigodry-tonerHP Indigo certified and fully compatible with all dry toner printing technologies, Cocoon offers the highest quality digital papers with excellent toner adhesion, image quality and on-press performance.

Konica Minolta

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner
HP Indigo

Liquid toner
Cocoon Gloss
Cocoon 60 Gloss
Cocoon Silk
Cocoon 60 Silk
Cocoon Offset*
Cocoon Preprint*

Suitable Guaranteed

* papers only guaranteed up to 160gsm - suitable above 160gsm.
Tests have been performed by a UK independent test centre and additional OEM trials have been undertaken.

Imprimerie Frazier
Imprimerie Frazier
Imprimerie Frazier

Outstanding printing results

Optimum machine runnability, superb surface and opacity delivering excellent printing results, even with heavy ink loads.

Comprehensive range

Whatever your project, Cocoon offers the solution. An extensive range answering all your needs.